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Fees for
SEO activities

Our customers pay only for particular results. We do not charge any prepayment fees – the amount specified in the contract is charged when the optimized website is listed among the first ten Google search results for selected keywords.

Standard fees for SEO results are as follows:
rankings 1-3 – £3.20
rankings 4-6 – £1.90
rankings 7-10 – £1.10

Depending on the popularity of keywords, the above-mentioned rates may slightly differ.

The said amounts are charged per one day of SEO. Final calculation is conducted once a month.

of SEO services

Ask for the SEO costs of your website. Our specialists will analyse it and send a free valuation within 24 hours.

How much does SEO cost?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to set a uniform price list for these services.

The costs of these services depend on around 250 factors, including, above all, the popularity of keywords for which we wish to promote a website.

The greater the popularity of a keyword, the more difficult it is to achieve a high ranking in search results and, consequently, the higher the costs of SEO.

We approach each order individually – we analyse the website and watch the competition. Based on this, we choose only those words which guarantee effective promotion of a website.

Ask for valuation of SEO services for your website. Our specialists will analyse it and send a free valuation within 24 hours.

How long does it take to see results?

It is impossible to precisely determine the amount of time needed for effective website optimization.

A website ranking in search engine results depends, among others, on: its age, the value of links to the website, optimisation for SEO, and whether the website has been SEOed before.

Moreover, it should be taken into account that search engine algorithms change and, what follows, the SEO requirements change

Based on our experience gained so far, website optimization for low and medium competitive keywords takes from several weeks up to 3 months. In the case of websites optimized for high and very high competitive keywords, this process takes from 3 up to 6 months, and sometimes even longer.

How do we work?

1. Website audit for SEO.
2. Competition analysis
3. Analysis and selection of the most appropriate keywords for which a website will be SEOed.
4. Valuation of SEO services.
5. Signing a contract.
6. Request for website optimization – changes in the website code and content.
7. Provision of access data for the Customer Panel containing current reports on SEO results (the customer can keep track of the results).
8. Commencement of service performance.

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