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How do we work?

Cooperation with our company can be presented in three simple steps.

1. Contact

Our customers can contact us by sending an e-mail message, via an easy-to-use form or by phone. When contacted for the first time, we answer customers’ basic questions concerning the services provided by our company.

Moreover, if the customer gives the website address, we check whether it is properly optimized for SEO. We also ask whether it has been SEOed before and if yes, how long ago it was SEOed and what the results were.

At this stage we decide whether we are going to SEO a given website.

2. Meeting

During a meeting with the customer:

  • we present to the customer the conditions of the contract;
  • we analyse the suggested keywords – we assess their competitiveness, estimate the approximate number of visits following website optimization for the first ranking positions in search results, check websites of competitive companies and analyse their keywords used for SEO, assess whether high positions in search results of the words analysed will guarantee the expected number of website visits, and we choose words which will promote the customer’s website;
  • we price our services;
  • we sign a contract.

3. Performance of services

Prior to the commencement of SEO, if necessary, we ask the customer to introduce changes in the website code and content. Then, we send by e-mail access data for the Customer Panel, where the customer can keep track of SEO results and check the current account balance.

During the performance of our services we keep in regular touch with the customer, answer his/ her questions and take into account his/ her suggestions.

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