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Dictionary of SEO terms

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We recognize that for many people the subject of SEO is something new. To make it easier for customers to understand specialist terms, we have compiled a dictionary which is to explain the major terms from this field.

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Whenever an obscure term appears in the website content, the user can explain it with the help of the dictionary which is referred to by a special link. Have you noticed any shortcomings? Please send your remarks . We will make necessary corrections as soon as possible.

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Internet domain – an element of the DNS (Domain Name System) address; the result of replacing the IP address readable for devices constituting the Internet computer network with an address which is easy to remember by the user. The domain’s task is to identify the document or information placed on the web and available via web browsers which is displayed on the monitor or the screen of a portable device.

Reporting month – the period of time from the first to the last day of a given month (a calendar month).

Customer Panel (also the Panel) – a system available at the address whose task is to collect and organize the SEO results for keywords with an accuracy of one day.

Website SEO – a number of actions aimed at promoting a website so that it ranks as high as possible in Google search results for selected keywords.

Website – a document or information placed on the web indicated by a given Internet domain which is available via web browsers and displayed on the monitor or the screen of a portable device. i internetowej, wyświetlany na monitorze lub ekranie urządzenia przenośnego.

Keyword – a word or a combination of two or more words with the use of which Internet users search (with the use of search engines) for websites related to specific products or services.

Search engine - a program or a website whose task is to enable Internet users to find relevant information on the web.

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